Have you ever heard that stress is the real cause of disease? It is likely that you have, but what does that actually mean? The question is really two questions in one. What is stress, and how does it affect health?

Simply speaking, stress can refer to any forces on an object. In a car, for example, stress comes in the form of temperature, weather, engine activity, and friction. It is easy to understand how repeatedly driving on the same tires will lead to them wearing down until they eventually become unusable. In a machine, stress is a straightforward process and the machine eventually breaks. But this is not exactly true for you and me.

We are living organisms, and we come equipped with the ability to heal and regenerate. At an even deeper level we have the ability to interpret experience and create meaning. For us and other living beings, stress is less straightforward. What is stressful to me may not be stressful to you and vice versa. This is because health and well-being are dynamic processes that depend on the complexity and coherence of our nervous system.

What makes Chiropractic such a powerful tool for a healthy lifestyle is the impact it has on stress. When your Chiropractor cares for you your resilience stress is increased. At Chiropratica Universale your “neural efficiency index” is measured and continually improves with care. Getting care means you have a greater capacity to live well in the midst of the same circumstances.