Disc Hernias

Disc herniation’s can be a source of terror for anyone who has experienced the pain they can generate. They frequently seem to come about suddenly or just after the sufferer thinks they have made it out of the woods. Sometimes they follow a drawn out period of stiffness and tender muscles and other times seem to come out of “nowhere”.

The real cause of disc herniation’s can be complex, but it is composed of two to three main parts. Most people are familiar with ideas like degeneration and trauma. Disc hernias aren’t always associated with obvious degeneration or caused by trauma. In fact, traumatic compression of the spine is much more likely to cause bone fracture than disc herniation!

The last factor leading to a hernia is the presence of chronic and adverse mechanical cord tension (AMCT). AMCT is a foundational concept in Network Spinal, which is the technique specialty at Chiropratica Universale. What AMCT means in plain language is that the spinal cord and brain are being pulled tight and don’t have enough slack to be healthy.

The brain and spinal cord are the most sensitive and important structures in your body. If they are under too much tension spinal degeneration results. This is why AMCT is so important and Network Spinal’s ability to reduce it is so powerful. More AMCT means faster disc degeneration and less ability to absorb trauma without injury. At Chiropratica Universale your AMCT can be evaluated and alleviated so that the true cause of disc hernias can be corrected for good.