Gentle, fast, and specific Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) works with your body to promote health and positive change.

Health is the product of adaptation and NSA increases your ability and skill in this regard.

Many people are over-stressed and under adjusted. Are you one of them?

Network Spinal Analysis will first re-connect the areas of distress in your body with your nervous system.

Once a clear connection is made the unnecessary stress and tension will be released.

With old patterns no longer stuck in place real healing becomes possible.

New ways of connecting and moving your spine open up and with new awareness comes a new, more clear way of living and being.

It is not about fighting symptoms or cursing the darkness; it is about working with your body and turning up the light.

A Retrospective Assessment of Network Care Using a Survey of Self-Rated Health, Wellness and Quality of Life

One of the largest longitudinal studies ever conducted in Chiropractic showed broad improvements in all measured quality of life scores. These improvements were long-lasting, affected other areas of healthy living, and kept on improving for as long as care continued.

Blanks RH, Schuster TL, Dobson M. Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, 1997; 1(4): 15-31

More Research

For more peer reviewed published scientific literature on the topic of Network Spinal Analysis click here

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